Visthara 3 BHk interior Bed Room

Your Luxury Plotted Development

Welcome to Visthara, where you can find independent house for sale in Coimbatore and where luxury finds its perfect match in the serene embrace of nature. Nestled amidst breathtaking natural surroundings, Visthara offers an extraordinary living experience that we are excited to share with you. Visthara is not merely a plotted development; it’s an embodiment of your aspirations. We understand that your dream home is more than a house; it’s a work of art that reflects your unique personality and preferences. Visthara provides you with the place and the tools to craft your dream home, ensuring it aligns with your vision of luxury living.

The Blueprint of Luxury

If you’re in search of a 3 BHK house for sale in Coimbatore, you’ve landed in the right spot. Visthara offers a selection of homes that provide a luxurious living experience complete with all the essential amenities you desire. Discover your dream home in Coimbatore today.

At Visthara, we’ve carefully planned the structure to redefine luxury living. With a spacious ground floor area of 1090 sq ft, an equally generous first floor area of 1005 sq ft, a headroom area of 110 sq ft, and an impressive total buildup area of 2205 sq ft, you have ample space to bring your dream home to life. What sets Visthara apart is the opportunity for customization.

Tailoring Your Dream

We recognize that every homeowner has a unique vision for their dream home. That’s why we offer a floor plan customization service. Our team of experienced architects and designers will collaborate closely with you to design a layout that optimizes space and functionality according to your preferences.

Whether you desire an open-concept design that builds a sense of spaciousness, flexible room configurations to accommodate your specific needs, or specialised features that cater to your lifestyle, our team is here to bring your vision to life. While we offer standard floor plan options, we also provide the flexibility for extensive modifications. Please note that additional charges may apply for these customisations to ensure your villa is truly tailored to your liking.

Structural Excellence

A home’s foundation is the cornerstone of its greatness, and Visthara stands as an example in this aspect which offers independent house for sale in Coimbatore. The project possesses a robust structure characterized by the following:

  • Floors: Ground + 1 + Terrace + Head Room
  • Structure System: RCC Framed Structure
  • Masonry: Bricks Finished with Cement Plastering
  • Floor-to-Floor Height: 10’6″ (including slab)
  • Anti-Termite Treatment: Provided at Plinth Level
  • Cement: Chettinad / Ramco or Equivalent
  • Steel: Vizag or Equivalent
Visthara 4 BHK Interior Bed Room

Floor Finishes that Define Luxury

Visthara ensures that your home’s interiors match the luxury of its natural surroundings. The following exquisite floor finishes await you:

  • Living & Dining: Vitrified Tiles (4×2 ft) – Kajaria/Somany
  • Bedrooms & Kitchen: Vitrified Tiles (4×2 ft) – Kajaria/Somany
  • Toilet: Anti-Skid Vitrified Tile Flooring
  • Outdoors/Common Area: Durable Cement Flooring
  • Car Park: Elegant Parking Tiles
  • Staircase: Luxurious Granite Flooring
  • Balcony/1st Floor Terrace: Anti-Skid Ceramic Outdoor Tiles
  • Open Terrace-2nd Floor: Protected by Waterproof Sealants and Adorned with Clay Tiles

Exquisite Wall & Ceiling Finishes

While floors lay the foundation of luxury, it’s the walls and ceilings that add the final touches of elegance and style to your home. Here’s what we provide:

  • Internal Walls & Ceilings: Treated to 1 Coat of White Wash, 2 Coats of Putty, 1 Coat of Primer & 2 Coats of Premium Emulsion Paint
  • Exterior Walls: Given 1 Coat of White Wash, 1 Coat of Primer, and 2 Coats of Weatherproof External Emulsion Paint
  • Bathroom: Adorned with Wall Tiles Up to 8′ Height, Enhanced by Grid Ceilings
  • Grills/Railings: Protected with Zinc Chromite Non-Corrosive Primer and Tastefully Finished with Enamel Paint

At Visthara, you get 3 BHK house for sale in Coimbatore where we believe that every detail matters. Our commitment to excellence encompasses every aspect of your dream home, from its structural integrity to its aesthetic finishes.

Visthara is more than just a plotted development; it’s your place, your sanctuary, and your ultimate expression of luxury living where you can get an Individual house for sale in Coimbatore. We invite you to explore the boundless possibilities that Visthara offers and take the first step toward transforming your dream home into a reality.